Reasons to Quit Smoking: Your Lungs Then and Now


There have been several anti smoking campaigns and smoking cessation programs produced and released to encourage individuals out of the habit. However, smokers persist. Despite the fact that cigarette smoking can really kill, there are still people who can't somehow say goodbye to the habit. Perhaps, if a better picture was painted about the ills of smoking, most of them would finally find the courage to turn their backs on cigarettes and would finally quit smoking. How your lungs get affected by smoking? In every puff, there are over 4,000 chemicals and free radicals being released. The most dangerous ones being produced are hydrogen cyanide, carbon monoxide, tar, lead, arsenic, cadmium and other radioactive compounds. All of these … [Read more...]

A Little About Nicotine Patches & Nicotine Gum


Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) products are some of the most effective stop smoking aids since they help deal with the side effects of quitting smoking. "How can NRT help me quit smoking?" You may be asking. Nicotine replacement therapy alleviates the withdrawal symptoms experienced by those who are quitting smoking by delivering low doses of nicotine without the other toxic substances found in cigarette smoke. They provide an easy way to stop smoking since these products allow the person who is trying to quit smoking to deal with their psychological addiction to cigarettes. There are several nicotine replacement therapy products out there in the market, including nicotine patches, nicotine gum, inhalers, spray and lozenges. Of … [Read more...]

How People Around You Pay the Price for Your Vice


There is no doubt that most people are aware of the most compelling reason to quit smoking, i.e., the side effects that include fatal medical conditions. It should be emphasized however, that you should not merely think about matters that pertain to personal health. Simply put, if you continue to smoke, those around you would surely suffer. After all, the dangerous fumes that you happen to spread through the air enter the lungs of those you care about. The following are some of the dangers of secondhand smoke: Cancer Concerns It cannot be denied that people who happen to inhale cigarette smoke face the risk of developing malignant tumors throughout their lungs. In relation to this, it should be pointed out that even though smoking is … [Read more...]

Quit Now Before Buerger’s Sets In


Buerger’s Disease is a serious medical condition that should prompt you to quit smoking cigarettes before it’s too late. Buerger’s is a relatively rare disease in the US that causes the blood vessels in your arms and legs to swell and become inflamed. If the disease is not arrested, your veins can eventually become blocked by blood clots, interfering with circulation and resulting in gangrene and infection. In the most serious cases, Buerger’s sufferers may need to have their limbs amputated. The disease usually affects men below 40 years of age, although the disease is becoming more common among women. The major risk factor for Buerger’s Disease is cigarette smoking, since virtually everyone who has been diagnosed with it is a smoker … [Read more...]