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Keep Trying to Quit Smoking

Almost everyone needs multiple tries to finally quit smoking. Keep trying and you’ll quit for good! To get a free NYC Quits Starter Kit, call (866) NY-QUITS, or visit … source

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No Smoking Bathroom

An inicent man just sits there having a fag then a man comes out the toilet cubicle, washes his hands, drys them and goe’s out. He comes back in 15 secounds … source

Natural home remedies for COPD

People with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) can improve their symptoms using various home remedies. These may include breathing exercises, essential oils, and supplements. Learn about home remedies for COPD here.

FDA Views on Vitamin Vape

Aleksey Kurguzov/Shutterstock Vaping your vitamins: how to and whyFDA regulationsVitamin-specific vaporizersSo, can vitamins be vaped? Why to Vape Vitamins? For those who enjoy using e-cigarettes and vaporizers, vitamin-based e-liquids are a boon—an easy way to…